The National Institute for Computational Sciences

VNC Session on Nautilus

Instructions on how to start a VNC Session on Nautilus:

  1. Connect to a Nautilus login node ( via ssh, using your username and OTP token.
  2. Run the command: rdav-vnc-startup
  3. If you do not have a VNC password set, it will prompt you to create one. Do not use a valuable password! It will also ask if you want to create a view-only password. Normally you wouldn't want to.
  4. The command will return to you your DISPLAY_NUM, your VNC_PORT, and a command to start the ssh tunnel. You will need the ssh command now and the DISPLAY_NUM when shutting down the VNC connection.
  5. From your local machine, run the ssh command that was generated by rdav-vnc-startup command. Enter it exactly as it appears. When prompted, enter your passcode. It is normal to not get a shell after entering your passcode.
  6. On your local machine, open your VNC client. Connect to localhost:5901. When prompted, enter the VNC password.
  7. To end your VNC session: Close your VNC client, close the ssh tunnel, and then on Nautilus run the command: vncserver -kill :DISPLAY_NUM, where DISPLAY_NUM is the number that you were given before.