The National Institute for Computational Sciences

Open OnDemand

  Open OnDemand

  Access and Login

To access Open OnDemand, bring up a web browser and type This will bring up the login page for Open OnDemand. Use your UT netID and netID password to login. DUO authentication will come up.

DUO authentication will come up, select DUO Push or Passcode to log in. The authentication method will be sent to your smart phone or device.

  Running Jobs

  Jupyter Notebooks

Login to with your netID and DUO.

Select Jobs > Job Composer from the top menu. Select New Job > From Default Template. Select Open Editor at the bottom of the screen.

Paste your job script into the editor and click save. Close the editor tab.

Click submit. The job will start running after a few minutes (note the job number). Click Open OnDemand to return to the home screen.

Select interactive Apps from the top menu. Click ACF Desktop.

Confirm information and click launch.

In a few minutes, the desktop will be ready. Click launch noVNC

Click activities in the upper left corner and choose Terminal. In the Terminal type: cat ~/ondemand/data/sys/myjobs/projects/1/{JobID} Copy the URL line with Ctrl-C

Type at the prompt: ssh -L 8900:localhost:8900 acf-sv001

Click on activities in the upper corner and launch Firefox. Copy the URL into the address bar to access Jupyter.