The National Institute for Computational Sciences

System Overview - Secure Research Enclave

Table 1 lists the cluster compute nodes available to users of the ACF Secure Research Enclave. There are Virtual Machine capabilities available which are not listed below. Figure 1 shows a diagram of the ACF Secure Research Enclave cluster compute and storage nodes. If you would like to invest in compute or storage resources in the ACF Secure Research Enclave, please review the Node and Storage Investments document for more information.

Table 1 - ACF-SIP Compute Nodes

Node Set

Intel® Xeon® CPU



GB Mem/Node

Total Cores


sip-sc (Scytale) E5-2670 14 16 256 224 QDR
sip-sk (Skylake) Gold 6148 840 192320 EDR
sip-cls (Cascade Lake Refresh) Gold 6248R 8 48 192 384 HDR100
Totals   30   6,656 928  

Figure 1 - ACF-SIP Compute and Storage Nodes

Last Updated: 04 / 14 / 2020