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R is a software environment for statistical computing and graphics with parallel capability. R and its several thousand add-on packages (CRAN package repository) is supported by a world-wide community. We also provide parallel version of R on Beacon.

For more information about R, see the R website.


Access to the binaries and libraries are provided through module. The modulefile for R sets up the necessary environmental variables for R. R may be used on login nodes and within batch scripts. The parallel R paakges must be run on the compute nodes via aprun to run on parallel. Within the PBS script

module avail r
module display r
module load r
mpirun -n [number of cores] Rscript R_code.R

How to Install R packages in your Home directory on BEACON

(1) >export R_LIBS="/lustre/medusa/$USER/R_packages”
(2) >mkdir -p $R_LIBS
(3) >module load r

(4) >R
(5) >install.packages(“PACKAGE_NAME”, dependencies = TRUE)

(7) > quit()
This would install packages at "/lustre/medusa/$USER/R_packages” This would install packages at "/lustre/medusa/$USER/R_packages”
To use these packages:
export R_LIBS="/lustre/medusa/$USER/R_packages”
mpirun -n [number of cores] Rscript R_code.R
pbdR packages: pbdR packages are available on Beacon. if you want to have specific version requirement, you should follow above instruction to install in your home directory. To get more information about pbdR project, please visit at: pbdR project website.


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